March 2021 Planting Plan

Mar 10, 2021

I just finished planting Februarys seeds and it's now already March. Time to get on and look at what I can get in the ground this month.

My aim with the allotment this year is just to plant everything and anything and find out what works best where. I'm not planting any food that I dislike but I would certainly grow something I have never heard of or tried.

Im also up for planting things I can't eat if they look good or have other benefits. Sunflowers, aliums, even snowdrops or bluebells. They're all good for the pollinators as well as the soul.

I'm pulling most of my 'whats-to-plant-next' information from two books; River Cottage Handbook Number 4 and The Girls Guide to Growing Your Own. The first book is part of a series I was bought as a gift, whilst I found the second on a shelf in the house.

These are Cardoons!

Both seem very decent, though if I'm learning anything about planting vegetables  it is that none of it is an exact science. You have to find out what works for your patch.

Gardening in my opinion is about having a go. I increasingly find myself re-aligning to the mantra that it is less important to do the exact right thing than it is to just, do something. You have to start doing in order to do.

I knew this inherently when I was younger but my fear of failure may have increased as I have aged.

Anyway, onward:

Beetroot. Planting in the polytunnel in March and Harvesting in July! So fast! I will also plant some of these in June for winter harvesting in October.

Cabbages. This will be my second cabbage attempt.  They go into the poly this month and get planted out in June for harvest late July/August.

Cardoons. I have never eaten or previosuly heard of a Cardoon. However I'm informed that March is the month to get them in the poly. They'll be ready for planting out in May and harvesting in October. They look fabulous!

Carrots. These can be planted pertty much any time in the next four months. June sowings can be harvested as late as November if we're lucky. I'll stick a few in the tunnel this month.

Broccoli. We eat a lot of this. It will be ready to harvest in July if I stick it in the open some time in May

French Beans. Poly this month, outside in May to harvest in June. Can do this every month till the end of summer basically with a two month lag to harvest.

Lettuce. This will grow almost all year round in the tunnel I will be planting more for continuous crops. The Lettuce in the tunnel today is a mystery, it must have been a lost packet of seeds that I re-activated when I turned the soil over.

Potatoes. I will see what type we have but ultimately Ill be getting the spuds in. These get sown direct into the soild after theyve been chitted. Chitting is basically the same thing as losing a potato down the back of a cupboard till it grows roots.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli I love this, though the guides seem to say it won't be ready to plant out till June and wont be edible till January next year.

I think that will be enough for March.

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