February ‘21 Allotment Planting Plan

Feb 17, 2021

I've been perusing through books old and new and I now have a plan for what to plant in the allotment this month. We're already half way through February and I'm still pruning fruit trees and messing about with the chicken run, so some of this may be optimistic but here's what I've ordered from Mr Fothergill.

Asparagus. I love these grilled or done in a griddle pan. This can be started off under cover this month, planted out March/April and will be ready to harvest in May/June.

Brussels Sprouts. I'm not mad on them but they look so ace growing in the garden on those little trees, I think the kids will love having them. I've gone for two types; Evesham Special and Rubine, which are purple!

It's a touch early to plant Brussels, but they can be started under cover this month, planted out in May/June then harvested from around October onwards. Certainly there should still be some around ripe for the picking on Christmas eve.

Cauliflower. I only really like this with cheese sauce. Takes 6 months to grow so for a summer harvest, start under cover this month and harvest in July, planting out halfway between, so April time.

Chillis. Time to start these bad boys. Three types on order: Cayenne, Bulgarian and one I've never had called Hungarian Wax.

Planted under cover today should see them ready for Sept harvest having planted out in June. I think I'm gonna do them direct into the poly tunnel. To be honest, I think in the Poly Tunnel I could grow these at any time.. but dont' quote me on that.

Leeks Starting undercover, planting out June. Harvest in Sept.

Tomatos. I eat so many toms it's a bit obscene. I can start these undercover now, look to plant out in a couple of months so April/May time then eat from June onwards.

I have a Green Zebras and Plum tomatos on order, but I'm still on the lookout for other varieties.. I need some cherries and baby plums too. Fothergills were out!

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